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Kindergarten and summer centre in Florence

The Sant'Anna Institute in Florence, is a nursery and kindergarten for children from aged 18 months. At our school, children have the opportunity to enjoy a full day of fun, playing and learning all at once. The Franciscan Sisters managing our safe and lively kindergarten, offering children the chance to develop their motor skills and intellectual interests from an early age through the appropriate activities both in and outside the classroom.

Our structure

The kindergarten is divided into two floors with the interior rooms each dedicated to different age groups. Recreational activities offered by the educational programme begin with a focus on play and gradual learning- looking at shapes and colours for example, until stable motor skills are established and clear intellectual interests emerge. Because we offer a special english language lab, theatre school and painting classes, children can learn the value of creativity and develop a passion for learning within a safe, stimulating and joyful environment.
The school also has a welcoming dining room open from Monday to Friday and outdoor spaces with soft floor areas, equipment and games for plenty of outdoor fun.
dei bambini che corrono in un prato

The Little Space

Our "Little Space" is for children between the ages of 18-36 months. Inside this special area smaller children can run, play, develop their small and large motor skills, enhance their understanding of the world and have fun.
This safe learning environment is painted with neutral and harmonious colours and then brightly decorated to stimulate the creativity of children. Our attentive and highly-qualified staff work hard to ensure each child is cared for and nurtured in the most vibrant learning space possible.


Kindergarten Sant'Anna in Florence is a peaceful and joyful learning space for children.
Thanks to our special child-focussed language, theatre and painting workshops children can foster unique abilities and develop new interests. Our qualified teachers and childhood experts create and deliver our educational programme with a focus on gradual learning and learning through play.
For more information or to arrange a tour, contact the school secretary today on 
+39 055 486402
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