English and theatre lab at Via Lanzi, Florence

The Sant'Anna Institute in Florence is a private school aimed at stimulating the creativity and curiosity of children. Our Via Lanzi premises is divided into rooms and areas tailored to the age groups of the children. From the age of 3 children are welcome at our kindergarten - an environment dedicated to learning through play, where each day is celebrated and enjoyed.

The laboratories

The learning spaces and classrooms at Institute Sant'Anna are safe environments designed for children to have fun and learn. The children in the two sections of the Nursery School can take advantage of regular workshops offering children the chance to take part in activities designed to stimulate the imagination, knowledge of languages ​​and the arts.
Sant'Anna Institute's dedicated staff teach the following courses:
  • Theatre and acting workshops
  • Painting workshops
  • English language laboratory


At Institute Sant'Anna children are invited to participate in events dedicated to learning educational and recreational activities organised by teachers.
The key to our educational method is gradual learning: we teach little by little, day by day with activities becoming gradually more complex. Here physical and intellectual skills are developed by offering children both recreational and educational activities to enjoy.
Aswell as our indoor play and learning space we have an outdoor playground with a soft area and outdoor equipment. Everything we offer at Institute Sant'Anna is designed to stimulate child development at every stage and encourage movement and intellectual growth.
To register your child for our special summer centre, call us today on: 
+39 055 486402
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